“We train pets to complement your life, not complicate it!”

Complications may include: Complements may include:
Dog/dog or dog/cat or cat/cat aggression  Let’s all get along!
 People aggression  Let’s greet like ladies and gentlemen!
 Separation anxiety  I can leave my house!
 Fears or phobias  Thunderstorms won’t kill you (well, rarely)!
 Jumping on guests  Four on the floor!
 Housebreaking  Let’s use grass outside!
 Inappropriate urination by cats  That’s what that box is for!
 Destructive behavior by dogs and cats  I can have nice things in my home!
 Excessive barking  I can answer a door or the phone and hear!
 And, just plain old lack of manners!  I can control my pet!

If you are looking for:

  • Training without pain inflicted on your pet (no pinch, prong, choke, or shock collars).
  • Training without food so your pet is not food motivated.
  • Training that is kind and humane, positive and leadership based.
  • Training with a quick, effective method so the norm is one visit from us, not weeks of training and expense.
  • Free telephone advice once you have been seen.
  • A small local business with over 75 vet practices referring to us.
  • An experienced staff who is led by Jemi, who has 30+ years of experience.

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Let’s face it, the majority of time the dog and/or cat know exactly what they are doing.

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