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We like to tell folks that we teach dogs what NOT to do.  Don’t jump; don’t countersurf; don’t bark for no reason and non-stop, etc.

Jemi’s specialties include aggression, fears and phobias, and separation anxiety.  Jemi is also our only trainer to do cat consultations.  Jemi’s forte is rehabilitating the animals no one else can.  But not to worry – if you want to train your pup with Jemi, she can do that too!



Associates Degree from JSRCC in Law Enforcement
Associates Degree from JSRCC in Arson Investigation
Bachelors Degree from VCU in Administration of Justice and Public Safety
Member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers)
Certified to do Canine Good Citizen Testing (CGC) by the American Kennel Club (AKC)


Began working in vet offices during high school (approximately 1969).  It was the vets she worked with who noticed that she had a natural ability to deal with animals who had behavioral issues, specializing in aggression, fears, phobias, and anxiety.
During her 30+ year career in behavioral training, she has done the following:

  • Managed 3 vet hospitals for 15 years for Dr. Gary Zavick, DVM.  While managing the hospitals, she also saw canine and felines for behavioral issues for private consultations.  Her specialty quickly became aggression.
  • Taught classes and did private consultations for a pet resort in the Richmond area.  Her specialties were aggression, fears, phobias, and anxiety.One of 8 trainers in the United States hand selected by Brian Kilcommons, who was trained by British PBS star Barbara Woodhouse.  Spent several weeks under the instruction of Brian Kilcommons to gain additional knowlege in how to deal with difficult dogs and cats.
  • In 1985, opened a company called Pet Pleasers which still operates today.  Responsible for the training of client’s pets who had aggressive tendencies or exhibited fear and/or anxiety.
  • In 1987, she opened K9 Consultants, Inc.  Jemi Hodge and Associates, Inc. continues this legacy.  Receives referrals from over 50 vets in the Richmond area.  Approximately 25% of these deal with people aggression; 25% deal with dog on dog or dog on cat aggression; the other 50% deal with fears, phobias, and anxiety, all of which can manifest as aggression.  Sees approximately 1000 clients a year.
  • Works with the vet offices to provide education to their staff on how to handle clients and aggressive and/or fearful dogs and cats.
  • Involved in evaluating and rehabilitating the Michael Vick dogs.
  • Served on the Richmond Animal League Board of Directors for 4 years, and works with dozens of rescue groups in the Richmond area on hard to place animals.


Jemi has ties to Frank Sinatra.  And, Patricia Cornwell.  Almost as fascinating as working with us!


Jemi’s favorite:

  • Animal -4 legged ones!
  • Breed of Dog – Adoptable
  • Food – Anything a diabetic shouldn’t eat
  • Place – Home
  • Person – My Dad
  • Holiday – Halloween
  • Scent – Philosophy’s Grace
  • TV Show – True Blood
  • Music – Country
  • Band – Casper
  • Movie – Once Around
  • Guilty Pleasure – Chocolate ice cream


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