A fire plan for your dog

What is the best way to give your dog the maximum chance of surviving a fire in your home?  While my husband and I consider ourselves fairly prepared, our smoke alarm went off the other night and the panic that occurred in my house by the dogs caused me to sit back and think.  What if this was a real fire?  My dogs were so freaked out by the noise I couldn’t get near half of them.  The other half was right under my feet.  Set off your smoke alarm and see what your dogs do and I am sure you will be feeling the same panic.

This promoted a discussion in our home.  We have multiple dogs.  Which one of us gets which dogs?  Are there slip leads or leashes that are easily accessible?  One for each dog?  Once outside, we know where to put the dogs (this was something we planned).  We have two dogs that will fight each other so we needed two areas. With the noise of fire trucks, firefighters (this will go over well with one of mine who can be a little aggressive), the smoke alarm, we planned our meet up spot to be well away from the house.  We have that luxury since we are on 5 acres of land.

If we can’t get to the dogs, and my heart sinks at even thinking of this, our plan is to leave the door open into our fenced in backyard.  This is the way they normally go out.  We have to hope that they will head that direction.  The dogs we have that are crated when we are asleep or not home are easy to find on one hand but can’t get out on their own on the other.  We also have an upstairs.  We have ladders in each room but our dogs will NOT climb a ladder.  We obviously need to think this through should one of the dogs be upstairs.

We will be having a mock fire drill a few times to make sure we know what to do.  The ASPCA offers a free pet safety pack for this and other emergencies.  What are your plans?