Hot weather info

While MOST people are aware that they should not put their dogs in a hot car, there are a couple of other hot weather tips you may not be aware of.  Dogs can get sunburned.  And if your dogs are like mine, seeing them laying outside enjoying the sun brings your heart joy.  But just like us, the pale dogs are most susceptible.  The ears, the nose and the belly are the areas where there is little hair providing any protection (think pink).  If you are an avid outdoor person, or even take your dog to the beach, you should consider using a doggie suncreen on your baby.  And, yes, dogs can get melanoma.

As you watch your dog outside, pay attention to the eyes.  Being out in bright sun for extended periods can harm your dog’s eyes.  Why do you think they make doggles?  The eyes are a common sight for melanoma.

One of the things we forget about is hot pavement.  Before you walk your dog on pavement, put your hand or foot on it.  If you can’t tolerate it, your dog can’t either.  Pavement can be 40-60 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. Yikes!