Lunch and Learn

The “Lunch and Learn” that Jemi does for vet offices actually grew as a way to say thank you to the 75+vet offices who refer their clients with behavioral difficulties to us for training.  Because we have been in business for over 30 years, newcomers to the vet offices may refer to us but may never have met us.  It has been a great way to put a face to the names and voices we know.

We provide a lunch for the vet office of their choosing and talk to them about our training methods.  We encourage the staff to put together a list of issues they wish to discuss.  So, while the staff eats lunch, Jemi discusses her training methods and issues from the staff.  We love to do “hands on” demos!  Signup sheets for the behavioral issues are popular and can range from how to handle a difficult cat to how to get a dog in a crate when he isn’t cooperative.

The dogs and cats in our community benefit from this because it fosters greater understanding between the vet office and the trainer who will be trying to help the client’s animal.  It is a win/win for all!

For further information about scheduling a “Lunch and Learn”, please call our office at 804-594-0731 or email us at

September 18, 2012

Referral from Short Pump Animal Hospital:

Everyone here at Short Pump Animal Hospital has recommended Jemi Hodges and K9 Consultants for their pets’ behavioral issues for a number of years now.  They have provided us with a couple “Lunch and Learn” meetings and we’ve gained valuable insight with their training techniques.  They actually did a mini demo for us involving one of our staff member’s dogs, and it was truly amazing to see the positive reaction he had to their methods!  We have so much confidence in the staff there at K9 Consultants, and we’ll continue to recommend them to our clients whenever they need behavioral expertise.

All Photos are Class Participants