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A New, More Confident Dog

A few years ago, my family adopted a large American bulldog, Geronimo, from the local animal shelter. Unfortunately, he soon began displaying anxious behavior: lunging at other dogs, constantly needing to be underfoot, etc. One day, Geronimo nipped the local FedEx deliveryman in the ankle–nothing serious, but enough for us to question his place in our home. We have two young girls, and obviously, we were unwilling to take any risks with their safety. So, we elected to see Jemi. Geronimo spent ten days with her and came back a new, more confident dog. The girls love him, and he is now a cherished member of the family. We couldn’t live without him. Thank you Jemi!

Jason Morgan

Aggressive Cocker Spaniel

We rescued a black male Cocker Spaniel who we were told had a mild case of aggression. His previous owner was going to have him put down but a kind vet refused to do it. Over a period of about 18 months there were 3 biting incidents. Then the foster we had gotten him from, having kept him for a weekend told us he needed to be put down. As a last resort, after consulting with Jemi we sent him to her for a two week “boot camp”. The change was remarkable. Today he is a loving, albeit still all male dog, who is destined to live out his natural life with us. I would say to anyone who loves a pet that perhaps needs a guiding hand, take them to Jemi, you won’t regret it.

David R. Edwards

Saved my Sanity

I was thrilled to learn that Jemi is still in business, and seemingly has grown it over the years since i first benefitted from her tremendous expertise years ago. Two of my past SPCA rescues were direct benefactors of her individual at-home training consults and many boot camps. Jemi’s effective approach not only turned my rescues into gentlemen, and trained me as well so i could continue to enforce what was learned, but she saved my sanity in the process! I could not have done it without her and would recommend her to anyone! Stay in business Jemi, you are the best!

Cheri Cherenzia

Jemi is a Rock Star!

Jemi came to my home to work with Kenzie on a few puppy-like behaviors that need changing. I was amazed that after observing Kenzie for just a few minutes, Jemi was able to get Kenzie to respond in ways I never thought possible with this energetic pup. I learned more than I could have imagined from just watching Jemi engage with Kenzie. Jemi is super skilled, compassionate with the dog (and the owner), and incredibly patient. It is clear she loves what she does. Jemi does it with only positivity – no treats, no harsh words, and with appropriate humor. A truly impressive trainer. I can’t thank her enough!

Pam Wiegardt

Perfect Pup

We adopted Isabel aftee Hurricane Isabel. A quiet, demure sweet girl at RAL turned into a biting, barking, chasing, peeing, anxiously shivering horror once in our home. I didn’t believe there was hope for her. Since Jemi’s brief visit 14 years ago I have had the pleasure of the most well behaved, respectful and lovable dog in our lives. She has truly been a joy and the money invested has come back a thousand fold with the pleasure of such a loving and loyal companion throughout these years.

Lisette Johnson

Amazing Phone/Text Support

Jemi has gone above and beyond to help my yorkie mix, Captain. I rescued him as a stray, and while he was a sweet dog, he definitely has some issues regarding being housebroken. At my wits end, I contacted Jemi, and from day one she was responsive and helpful with ideas on how to improve his behavior. I will be participating in the dog boot camp, but while waiting to be able to send him she has been in constant touch and has vastly improved our home life. We have a dog that would only go in its crate, but after only two days of support from Jemi, we have only had one or two crate accidents and for the most part he is going outside as long as we carefully follow her advice. She clearly cares about the well-being of our sweet dog and the long term relationship that we will have with him. I am looking forward to the ongoing support we will provide once she is able to take him into her experienced hands and provide the proper training that our family desperately needs. Finding a trainer that is interested in our dog as much as she is as earning a living is invaluable. Jemi definitely wants to help forge long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with your pet.

Tracie Oakcrum

A Pitty & A Kitty

We rescued a 1 year old Pit Bull from the pound in August & brought her back to a home with a 3yr old cat and an 8yr old child. Initially we started Petco classes and they were great but not at all what we needed for this family. Our animals were not getting along and after 6 weeks together we realized we needed to do something different. I called K9 Consultants and couldn’t be more thankful I did. From the first conversation with Terry I knew we made the right choice. She put me at ease and helped me understand we had options. She knew Jemi was our best fit since she specialized in training both cats and dogs.
We’ve had 2 in home sessions which have completely changed our dog for the better. The training program is simple, to the point, and life changing. From day 1 we discovered Elle has has a lot of anxiety & aggression with people as well as major cat aggression. We are seeing a lot of positive changes in Eleanor over the weeks but unfortunately, we have learned that we do not have a dog and cat that will get along. Our cat is still terrified and the interactions with the two are not improving. Jemi has continued to be supportive and is helping us to determine what is best for our human & furry family. It’s looking like we will be able to keep both pets but will have to keep them separated. There are lots of continual adjustments being made and I’m very hopeful we will have a much more peaceful home soon.
It’s been a wild ride and we are still on it but I am so grateful to have Jemi and Terry(& John their intern!) along with us. Jemi and Terry are available to help talk us through any situation on any given day and I absolutely love the K9 Consultants! I definitely would recommend them to any family out there who is having trouble with their pets!!

Kate Grossman

What A Difference Training Makes!

We got Hattie from Houlagan’s Rest in Powhatan last August and was told in advance that she had an Alpha personality. Hattie was quite aggressive towards other dogs and even people. We started out with private lessons and then she was enrolled in the Aggressive Behavior class. Today, she’s a different dog! Many thanks to Terry Chalkley for helping us!!!

Debbie Inlow

WOW! What a diference!

I was hoping for a miracle with my dog’s behavior and I have received it! Our German Shepherd was great around my husband and I, but was aggressive and barked excessively when I tried to walked her with friends, when people came to the house and even when our adult son came by – which was frequently. I immediately saw a difference after the 2 hour, one-on-one session. Terry is a great trainer! She provided great training tips and taught me several techniques to improve Beauty’s behavior. I saw a positive change in Beauty’s behavior immediately. Each day, I see Beauty’s aggressive behavior lessening. Even the ladies I walk with each morning saw it the next day after training. After only five days, I can look at Beauty when we get to the door, not say a word to her, and she sits and waits until I go through it. I know there will be several more Groundings and “Leave It” training with her, but I know we are well on our way to having a well behaved dog! I highly recommend K9 Consultants!

Anita Waters


Molly was enrolled in the 4 week class at K-9 Consultants for aggressive dogs. The training has made an enormous difference in her behavior. She follows commands of “come, sit,down,stay, touch” immediately. She seldom strains at the leash now. She has improved greatly on other problem behaviors. We continue to apply the techniques taught by the trainers at K-9 Consultants with continued improvement. I highly recommend K-9 Consultants. The trainers are competent, compassionate, and do as much training with the dog owners as with the dogs for optimal outcomes.

Jane McAllister

Who Saved Who

I owe so many thanks to K9 Consultants, in particular Terry and Julie. I have reached an age and time in my life where I can no longer handle sadness. I am too old, and with medical conditions, I just could not see myself with another dog. I had owned 3 dogs in my life, all Dalmations, who were my whole heart. They were very well trained and the sweetest boys ever. I was thankful for them and knew there would never be another like them. There just wasn’t room for another loss in my life! I wanted no part of another dog, I even could not stomach the thought of having another dog in my house, even for a visit. Over a year after the loss of my last Dalmation, my oldest son (who has been out of the house almost 20years, decided HE needed a puppy). A Rottweiler no less, I knew that was the last thing he needed, he lived in a condo and travels frequently! Of course he was confident, grandma could babysit! After all, I have a huge fenced backyard! Well, Manson, the baby Rott, came on March 1, 2015,for four days. He never went back! Although, potty training was no problem, he was going to be a really BIG dog. I needed help! I did not intend on keeping him, I was actually interviewing homes for Manson. So I enrolled him in a local dog obedience class that teaches by rewarding with treats. Not my idea of the correct way, but hey, I wasn’t the trainer, they were, and that’s what you pay them for, right? To train you dog….Wrong! Not impressed, and was I was at my end of my rope, I just did not feel up to the challenge. Thankfully, no one passed my inspection either for a home for Manson! After all, he had now lived with me for several months, though I may be a bit biased on how handsome he is, he was so sweet and gentle! I just needed control! Then I talked to Terry Chalkley who is with K9 Consultants! In less than one hour, I knew I could handle the challenge. The dog was not going to walk me or anyone else. He listens and does what he is told, because he is told. He is not the pack leader! After the first few minutes, he was walking on a lead with NO pulling! My little baby, Manson, is 93 pounds, so pulling is really not an option for a walk, at least not one where we are walking him! Rottweilers are really big and strong dogs. People are instantly afraid because of their size. I don’t want someone feeling that way about my dog. He is loving and gentle, there is no one or no other animal he doesn’t like, he certainly is not an alpha dog, he just doesn’t know he isn’t a lap dog. Manson is 16 months old and still has some work on his consistency, and this is after just one of K9’s manners class. I am positive he will have it down shortly. The great thing, is that he behaves and follows commands not just from me, but others! He travels well, loves everyone and is a complete joy! So who rescued who? I am not sure, but I know Terry rescued us both! So Terry and Julie, thank you for making my life and Manson’s more complete. Terry, thank you for making me see how much love and how great having this sweet gentle giant can be. I will forever be in your debt!

Donna Fraysse

No More Fights!

My wife and I have two dogs; a dalmatian and a boxer-pit mix. Before working with Jemi and her trainers, they fought pretty frequently, and each fight seemed worse than the last. After a few thousand dollars in vet bills and trying several remedies ourselves, we called Jemi for help. Our guys spent a week in Jemi’s boot camp, and the change was unbelievable! By the time we took them home, Jemi and her trainers had adjusted our dogs’ attitudes and educated us on the techniques to continue their training. It’s been almost three years since our dogs completed Jemi’s boot camp, and we have had almost no incidents. No more vet bills, bandages, stitches, etc. We couldn’t be happier!

Nicholas & Brittany White

Grateful Student

Tucker, Ellie and I came to Jemi when Tucker started nipping at cyclists as they rode by us on our daily walks. Tucker already was lunging at buses and trucks when they drove by but this was new “bad” behavior. Jemi trained me and Tucker one evening. I followed her instructions and within a few days noticed a remarkable transition in Tucker. Now he is a perfectly obedient pet. He no longer even thinks about trucks, buses, bikes or even other dogs when he walks with me (with his gentle leader!). I cannot thank Jemi enough for giving me back the confidence to know that I am in control of my pets. We do have some opportunities though. Door etiquette is my next area of focus and getting Ellie to become as obedient as Tucker would be icing on the cake. She doesn’t act badly just stubbornly! Thanks Jemi.

Cynthia Cecil

Thanks again Jemi!!

6 years ago Jemi helped us to potty train one very hard to teach chihuahua not to use the house as her bathroom. After 7 months of trying I called Jemi because I heard she could work wonders!! In one week, she taught our girl how to use the bells to go outside and several other commands. After a one week boot camp and two more refresher days, Cloey was finally potty trained!!! We recently fostered a sweet border collie mix pup and he was marking in the house. I called Jemi and after a phone consultation, it only took me two days and he was no longer marking inside!! Some might say she is a dog whisperer…. I say she’s also a human whisperer since we seem to be the ones who really need trained on what to do. Thanks Jemi for your training and kindness!!

Sonya Carman

Simply THE BEST!

I have been thinking of what to write for this testimonial and two words keep coming up…Jemi is simply “the best” trainer I have ever worked with (and there have been a few). We met for an hour and Jemi’s kind, no nonsense training approach taught me how to teach my canine companion, Trixea-Lea (an intelligent, independent 6 year old rescue), how to enjoy a relaxing, stress free walk. Something that despite several different training techniques and walking aids had alluded us. I highly recommend Jemi and look forward to future training sessions. What I am learning from her will be invaluable for the well being of the rescues and fosters that pass through our doors. Thank you Jemi! You are simply THE BEST!!!

Carol Lacroix

Changed our lives with vet visits!!

Our dog Loki has been HORRIBLE with the vet for the past couple of years to the point that I’ve put off taking him to the vet because of the anxiety it gives me (and him). Before I met Jemi, the last time I took Loki to the vet was with my mom. To do bloodwork to see if there was something wrong, we had to pin him between the wall and the door, holding the leash through the door jam to prevent him from trying to bite someone (he was muzzled the whole time as well). During that, he flipped and did “alligator rolls” and eventually, the vet got what they needed. Since then, Jemi has worked miracles with my dog. This time, I called Jemi to meet us at the vet. She met us there before our visit and gave me an idea of how we would tackle this issue. This was by far the least stressful vet visit I have ever been to and I am in shock and awe at the transformation (though I shouldn’t be shocked because I’ve seen her transformations before). She calmed me and Loki down and unbelievably, we completed the whole vet visit with NO MUZZLE, he stayed still and didn’t fight the vaccinations, blood work or the vet looking/feeling him physically. I can’t tell you how much this has helped us. I now know we can go to the vet without it being a traumatic experience for my dog (and me) and the way that she works with him and the vets is so calming. It is so clear to see she understands him and knows exactly what to do. THANK YOU JEMI!!!

Cassie Cunningham


After we got Whitney a Papillon/mix, she would fight & could not get along with any of the other rescues we had. She fought with a little long hair & broke her jaw requiring very expensive surgery. In came Jemi to the rescue to work with Whitney. Now she is a completely different dog. We love her & we’re not going to give up on her. She plays well with other dogs we have. This is all because of JHA aggression training with Jemi ( I think she is a dog whisperer).


Big Changes!

WOW! We rescued a 3yo Catahoula mix 9 mos ago who had slowly taken over our home. After various avenues of training, I called Jemi Hodge and Assoc and WOW, they were the right gals for us! Our girl Shadow is a different dog after a boot camp with Terri. Much less reactive, much calmer, and the issues that were about to put me over the edge have greatly decreased, if not altogether resolved. I cannot recommend this group enough! They listen, they care, and they are very responsive to you and your dog’s needs. If you are having problems/issues with your dog, call them NOW!

Kristen Scoby

Jemi Hodge gave me my dog back

My name is Mike and I wanted to express my gratitude for the help I received from Jemi.  I lost my beloved newf Bentley 2 yrs ago and thought I would never get another dog again but as fate would be I decided on a rescue Great Pyrenees.  Little did I know he would not go in a car this is why he was brought to me.  He showed signs of little socializing and fear.  Thinking I made a mistake and failing training classes, I was told of Jemi.  Within one session she overcame these faults and with great advice I now have a loving buddy and for the first time in weeks I am taking him places. THANK YOU JEMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Powell

Love your services!

When I adopted Tommy, my 3 weeks old rescue, I didn’t realize that in just a few weeks, he was going to be running the show and that I’d be exhausted from constantly running after him. After 15 minutes with Terry, Tommy was a different dog. I needed more training than he did so, I also learned and laughed a lot! I can approach her at any time with a question and she’s always incredibly helpful. I’d recommend your services to anyone who has a new puppy! Thank you!

Gladys C Farley

Thanks to Terry, Jamison found a home!

I foster dogs for the Humane Society of Caroline County. My most recent foster dog, Jamison, was returned to us as being too hard to handle. He is a 2 year old, neutered hound/boxer/pit mix that was aggressive to cats, dogs and my goat. Hanover Humane Society recommended contacting JHA. Terry came to my house and worked with Jamison for several hours. He is one of the smartest dogs I have ever had in my home and he quickly learned all the techniques Terry taught us. It only took 2 days of “grounding” and “leave it” training to stop him from trying to eat my goat! After 3 weeks of working with Jamison, I took him to a local Fall Festival where dogs were welcomed and I found him a home! He now resides on a small farm as an only dog and has a 9 year old girl to play with. There could not have been a happier ending for Jamison as a shelter would likely have euthanized him as being too aggressive to other dogs. So thank you Terry for saving Jamison’s life and preparing him for his forever home.

Lou McKinney

Terry is Amazing

Terry is wonderful. My hound dog Charlie was a little out of control and was having a hard time recognizing his place. Terry was able to break him of the counter surfing, constant barking, and his overall manners. Understanding the philosophy behind their methods was really interesting and made me excited to learn. I have continued to work with Charlie on “Leave it” and if I have any concerns – Terry is just a phone call away. I wanted to personally thank Terry for helping break Charlie of his bad habits and providing me the instruction on how to continue his good behavior. Dana

Dana Brunhammer

Big Thanks to Terry!!

Terry is absolutely incredible! My husband and I are the proud new parents to our Swissy puppy, Puz. We were struggling with how to communicate appropriately to him. Our sweet pooch is very shy and timid of new things. Terry showed us how to communicate to him not to be afraid, without encouraging his nervous behavior. She showed us how to calm him in anxious situations. Terry made us feel so confident not only in Puz, but ourselves as new puppy owners. We are so thankful and cannot wait to get Puz in puppy classes!

Brenna Houser

Great Bootcamp with Terry

We worked with Jemi Hodge and Associates for training of our golden retriever puppy, Sophie.Terry was our trainer and we started with “boot camp” in Terry’s home. Sophie is a sweet girl and VERY high energy. After training with Terry she.was a different dog, still sweet and energetic but no longer thought she was a princess ruling her kingdom! I think that a large part of the success we had was because Terry had to re-program us as well. We recently had Terry in for a follow-up session because Sophie was “asserting” herself again. We returned to the basics and things have been going very well since. I would highly recommend this group and especially enjoyed working with Terry. She has the right personality for dogs and their people. I would love to adopt a golden or lab as a playmate for Sopie and if I do I will surely seek training from these folks.

Shirley Pappalardo

Wonderful New Puppy

We have a new “spirited” wonderful puppy and Terry has been great walking us through this puppy stage. She spent a morning with my family and taught not only my husband and I a lot but truly engaged our 3 children!

She has been avaible for phone calls and guidance as we have been implementing the tools that she has shared which has been a gift. I am confident with Terry’s continued help we will have continued success in raising our puppy : ) Thanks Terry!

Liza Dameron

Amazing Teachers!

The Aggressive Dog class gave us the tools we need to help socialize Walter and also helped us to understand what boundaries to set with other people & dog owners. The class was wonderful & we got so much out of it. The trainers are great at teaching to the entire class but also learning about the individual dogs and giving specific feedback. The class size is kept small so everyone gets a lot out of it. Highly recommend!!!

Darrin Brocca

Thank you, Terry!

Milly is a lab mix that will be 1 year old in about a week. I rescued her right out of college when she was 8 weeks, not knowing what I was getting myself into. As the months went by, she grew MUCH bigger and became extremely energetic. I began having issues with her being mouthy, jumping on every surface or person, darting as soon as the door opened, and having energy I could not handle. My entire schedule revolved around her needs and energy levels. I would dread coming home from work and having to run 3 miles to get her energy out. I needed to find a technique that would channel her energy into training and discipline. After Milly spent a week with Terry, she came back with all the discipline I couldn’t teach her. It’s been a few weeks now and she follows my lead and schedule. I no longer have to run her everyday or worry about her using her energy on my new shoes. She doesn’t jump on anyone when they enter our house and has learned to ask permission before she exits our house. Terry instilled all the training necessary for Milly to respect me and my commands. All I had to do was take the time to learn them myself so that Milly and I could communicate better. Thank you Terry!!

Austin Kitchen

Great Bootcamp

We contacted Jemi Hodge, K9 Consultants for help with our 6 month old, Old English Bulldog, Dozer. We were disappointed in ourselves for having lost all control in our own home.

When we brought Dozer home, he was sooooo cute, we let him do all the puppy things and get away with some things he shouldn’t, before we knew it, we had lost all control. He is a very smart dog. So smart in fact that he knew how to take advantage of us, pitting one against the other. Dozer had been to basic and intermediate training classes, but we knew we needed someone with more skills and expertise to help us regain the control we lost in our home.

Enter Terry Chalkley and her puppy bootcamp! See, we were going out of the country and although folks offered, we just knew he was too much for friends or family to watch and putting him in a Kennel would be a huge setback in his training that our family just couldn’t survive.

At the conclusion of his bootcamp, it was time to teach his parents the right things. There was ALOT of information in the time she spent with us. We immediately put her training to work and read the booklet she gave us. We learned about grounding and how to properly use the Gentle Leader and as predicted we had our authority challenged (and continue to be challenged) but the change in Dozer is amazing. He has become much more manageable and receptive to the rules of the house.

Terry instilled all the training necessary for Dozer to respect our commands and us. All we had to do was take the time to learn them ourselves so we sent the same message to Dozer. Even in public, he has made huge gains. We take him to PetSmart and his favorite store, Dog Krazy in Fredericksburg and hes so well behaved.

I would highly recommend Terry and the entire Jemi Hodge team. They have taught us how to be good, responsible pet parents.

Sarah Hodgson

A light at the end of the tunnel.

Hi Jemi!
I got your message from last week — I had court and forgot to call back! Hope you’re doing well. Baxter has made some progress, thanks to your suggestions. Last night, I came in the house, and he came down the stairs from Betsy’s room to see me — but then when he saw me, he started to slink into her crate in the dining room. I was confused, because he’s had several really great days in a row, and I forgot the rules and tried to pull him out of his crate. I was being gentle, but he peed on the floor. I need to remember never to pull on him. On the bright side, he really did great with Jay this weekend — he was acting playful and happy! So we’re still working on it, but we see a light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

Thanks again!!
Cathy Haas

Cathy Haas

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Jemi,

All that I can say is thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since Ernie and I met with you on Friday–my home has been a different place. I managed NUMEROUS walks Sat and Sun–stayed calm and Ernie did great. I even had a loose dog walking toward us and both Ernie and I stayed calm and carried on!!! I will keep you updated and will contact Julie about working on some obiedence classes in the future!

Thanks again!


Jemi really knows her stuff

Jemi really knows her stuff – it’s obvious! She really helped me, especially with ‘leave it’. Sophie was starting to drive me crazy.

Brenda S.

Creative Problem Solver

Jemi is very creative in her approach to training and always has the right solution for a difficult problem.

Lucy C.

Jemi taught me how to handle my business

Thank you for teaching me the proper place to pee and poop!


A touch of magic!

Jemi, the magic you used on Stella while she stayed with you in July should be bottled! She is a different dog. Thanks so much!

Sharon G.

Effective Internvention

My dog has always been very aggressive around other dogs and by the end of the first session, my pet had learned that this was inappropriate behavior and I had learned how to stop the behavior before it begins.

Sara H.

Simple and effective

With her light hearted, matter of fact manner, Jemi is well respected. Her training methods are simple, effective and greatly appreciated by both owner and pet!

Rick J.

Such a great help

The role playing exercises and the trainers careful explanations of why we should change certain, specific things we had not seen as problems helped. The support, calls and follow-ups gave us the motivation not to let our dog take control away from us again.

Toni W.

Thanks you, Jemi!

I was so amazed to learn in two at-home sessions what many people take 8 weeks of training to learn. The instant gratification and the amazing change in our dog made for a very happy home. Thank you.

Terry H.

Jemi and her associates made it easy

Being a first-time dog owner, I knew very little about how to train a puppy. Not only did we work with basic commands, but one session solved barking, jumping and chewing problems. As new problems developed, the trainers were always there for me.

Jim P.

Highly recommended

A friend referred me to Jemi Hodge and Associates for training of our 4 month old lab puppy. Terry was the trainer recommended to give our pup full exposure to small children, public places and other dogs. After 2 weeks with her, everyone in our family thought we had a different dog. She was so nice to have in our home. We felt she had matured in that short time by months. Terry was very conscientious in her training approach and in teaching us. I highly recommend Jemi Hodge & Associates.

Lynn T.

A whole new world for my dog

If you have never had a dog that was so fearful she was dangerous, then you might not understand how wonderful it is to have that same dog trust you to handle new situations. Jemi is one of the most caring, patient and understanding people I have ever met. By changing my dog’s behavior, she changed my life. She gave me the tools to make sure we don’t fall back into our old patterns.

Susanne T.


We continue to tell anyone who will listen that we consider you totally amazing! Anyone who knew Aggie BEFORE she became Miss Aggie can appreciate why we feel as we do!

Brantley, Jack, Callie and Aggi

What a difference!

I write to tell you what a difference your training and the support from your staff/ trainers has made to our puppies and us. I started out with a husband, 3 boys and 2 11 week old Bichon Poodles (Poochons). The pups weren’t crate trained and we knew even less. Through your Boot Camps, Puppy Classes, and at home training, you and your trainers have trained all of us how to “Leave It,” “Off,” “Sit,” “It’s Okay,” and most of all enjoy our dogs. I am encouraged daily with progress and look forward to more classes to continue learning more fun tricks.

Sarah M.

Highly recommended

We are now enjoying a calmer and obedient puppy the whole family enjoys. We will continue to use Jemi and her team and refer others to them as well!

Karen W.

Jemi, the miracle worker!

I first met Jemi over 20 years ago working together at a veterinary hospital. Since then she has left the field to concentrate on animal behavior. Jemi has prevented many dogs from being put to sleep for their destructive or dangerous acts simply through behavior modification. She has helped countless patients of mine, as well as, my own dogs. Jemi truly is a miracle worker!

Fielding O'Neill, DVM, MS

A real life saver!

Jemi and her staff have totally changed my life. Before I met Jemi, my life with my two dogs (Belle and Stinky) was very difficult. Because my dogs’ behavior was so ridiculous, I had a difficult time having people over or taking the dogs anywhere. They barked nonstop at the neighbors, chased my cat, either jumped on or lunged at guests, freaked out at the vet. I tried everything I knew of to improve their behavior…… I ran with them each morning, went to obedience school, used bark collars, yelled, screamed, talked to them politely…..nothing I found was helping. Holidays were especially difficult because the dogs were so unpredictable. One minute they would be laying down, and the next they would bark, growl, or bite someone because they opened the refrigerator. I heard about Jemi Hodge and Associates when I met Mary, one of the trainers. I was a little nervous about spending the money for this type of training because the last dog trainer I hired told me that Stinky was so dangerous that I should always keep her locked up. But after I spoke with Jemi on the phone, I really believed she could make a difference. When my dogs returned from boot camp, they were the dogs I had always wanted. They didn’t jump on me (or anyone else), they waited for me to open the door (instead of lunging at it…they stopped barking when I told them to…it was amazing. Three weeks later, I took my dogs on vacation with my family. They were amazed at the difference in my dogs….people could move freely about the house without fear of being attacked. The dogs were no longer hiding under the table, they were walking around letting people pet them. One of the most terrible experiences I had with the dogs was last year when I took Stinky to the vet. She was petrified. I left the vet with a busted lip and bruises on my face where I had tried to hold her down. We were both covered in urine because she was so afraid she had urinated on herself. This year, Jemi went with us to the vet. Jemi worked with us in the examination room before the vet came in. She showed me how to hold Stinky so that she felt more comfortable, but I was still in control. After the injections the vet was even able to check her out without me holding on to her. It was amazing! If you have never had a dog that was so fearful she was dangerous, then you might not understand how wonderful it is to have that same dog trust you to handle new situations. Jemi is one of the most caring, patient, and understanding people I have ever met. By changing my dogs behavior, she changed my life. And she gave me the tools to make sure we don’t fall back into our old patterns. The best part is that I know if I need her, she is only a phone call away.

Susanne T.


Some very close friends of ours came over to visit this morning. The dogs ran outside in crazy mode – no lead. That was our fault. (Some bad habits are really hard to break!) However, even with all the craziness, our friends were able to come into the yard without incident. (Chief had met this couple once before but he was very shy and nervous) Chief followed beside them just as Pirate did, even allowing a pat on the head. We chatted and came in the house. Everyone went into the living room and sat down. Chief visited with the couple as though they were best friends (complete with petting), and then proceeded to lie down on the floor with Pirate while we chatted. At one point, Chief was lying on his back with his feet in the air, just as relaxed as he could be! My friends were staring at him wide eyed with amazement. This was not the same dog they had met before. Chief was the perfect doggie gentleman from the beginning of the visit to the escort to the car at the end, with no intervention or commands from us! He did everything except offer them a drink! Chief and my dad are now friends. There is no need for a lead or gentle leader when my father arrives. Chief greets my father with a “wiggle butt,” which is a big deal. Dinners at the table are absolutely no problem. My son’s relationship with Chief is also improving daily. We are moving from tolerance to friendship and family, which is exactly what I was looking for. We took Chief to your doggie socialization class last night. That was the first time he had ever been with a strange group of dogs in a class setting. As a matter of fact, that was the first time he had been around that many strange dogs at once, since we had him anyway. He was definitely high anxiety at first, but calmed down as the session progressed. It will be interesting to see how he handles it next week. I think he will definitely benefit from the experience. We will continue our work with “Leave it,” this week, including working with the two young boys living next door. I am hoping to get them over here with their light sabers and sticks. As Chief confidence builds, he is becoming a much happier dog. Everybody sees it. Thanks for putting us on the right track.

Nancy R.

Jemi and Max

My Cane Corso, Maximus aka Max, was adopted back in Oct 2012, as the direct result of reading of his demise on my cousin’s Face Book page one day. After several weeks of correspondence, I made the 6-hr trek to retrieve my “cat & kid friendly” beast. Our first meeting came about when the asst. director of the shelter (an MMA fighter, muscles and tattoos everywhere) came barreling through the doors of the shelter being dragged by this monstrosity that could in no way be my “Gentle Ben” as they were calling him!

He attacked his reflection in things inside of our home, not to mention that we couldn’t begin to think about exposing our cats to his beastly and unruly ways!. He spent the entire Christmas season peeing on our Christmas tree, which happened to have been artificial (and yes, I meant that in the past tense). My first attempt at finding help from a local trainer didn’t go well. I walked away from our very first session feeling inadequate. Something told me to go for a second opinion and so I went searching online and found Jemi. I found several other sites for canine training, but everything sounded like I needed to be a triathlete. I really just wanted help with my issues and some sound professional advice. Jemi didn’t require that I dress to run an obstacle course. Everything I read told me that they just knew dogs and people….that’s us!

So, off we went…..Max decided it would be best if he showed Jemi his true colors upon first meet; so he practically pulled me past her and through her front door, but not until after stopping to pee on her beautifully landscaped shrubbery…And, then he trolled right inside of her home, and I mean her personal home, where he then proceeded to pee all over everything; furniture and all! I wanted to die! I was ready to go home before we ever got started. But,of all places for him to show those true colors, I’m so glad he did so with Jemi. I won’t say that she handled it with true professionalism because it went much further. She was calm, gracious, and spoke to me in such a way that I knew right then and there that she truly loved what she does for these animals and their owners. I knew Max and I had come to the right place. I left with a better dog and a renewed sense of confidence.

Today, Max continues to show major signs of improvement and has lost almost all indicators that he was ever once barbaric. I can’t begin to tell you how much Jemi and her wonderful staff have changed our lives for the better. Don’t waste time or money going anywhere else.

Terri Haines & Stan Brown

My highest recommendation

My name is Christina Cummings and my family and I rescued a five year old lab about a month ago. Contrary to what we had hoped, a loving family and home was not enough for our Abe. He was very territorial over our house (especially the front door) and displayed extreme separation anxiety whenever I left the house. He tore up our blinds and bent the bars of his crate trying to “chew” his way out to find us whenever we had left him. He spent most of his time following me around the house, and whenever any of my three children (or my husband for that matter) seemed to be in the way between him and I, he would growl and nip at them. After three weeks of trying to correct or curb his behavior in vain, we reached out for help. Terry came to our home and worked with myself, my husband, my three children, and even my mother-in-law for about two hours. In such a short amount of time, she assessed our situation, listened to our concerns, and addressed each one specifically; showing us what we could do to obtain optimum results. Each “role-played” scenario she explained what our action “meant” to the dog, so we could understand how and why the training would work. It has been less than a week since she came to our house and by implementing her ideas and techniques, we have seen an amazing improvement in our Abe. He has not shown any aggression towards the children, and is much more comfortable when I have to leave the house. Instead of barking and freaking out, my husband said that he now only checks for me at the window from time to time until I return home. My family and I truly enjoyed Terry as a person, as well as a dog trainer that truly knew what she was talking about- and that the methods work. I highly recommend Terry and K9 Consultants if you want a dog trainer who trains by leadership and love.

Christina Cummings

You all are great!

My name is Jody Olympia. Our 3 year old Boxer, Blaze, was exhibiting aggressive behavior to people who cam to visit our home. He would snap and mouth visitors on a regular basis. He was not crate trained and regularly peed by the door when we left the house. I had basically given up on him because we had tried many trainers and behaviorists. We dropped Blaze at Terry’s house for 10 days for Bootcamp. He came home more comfortable in his crate, happy with his Gentle Leader and more respectful of the doorways in our home. We still have a long ways to go before I would ever feel comfortable having guests in my home, but I have learned that Blaze’s behavior is Guarding and not true aggression. I know that Terry will be there for us in all the ups and downs of his training moving forward. Although we are not out of the woods yet and Blaze is not perfect, I know with help from Terry, and hard work on our part, we will get there.

Jody Olympia


I am very pleased to say that we were lucky to have Terry as our trainer, we have 2 dobermans both boys and brothers they were 7 weeks old when we brought them home. We had no idea what we had committed to but luckily one of my clients recommended K9consultants and we found Terry. She is a breath of fresh air, very knowledgeable and has tons of really good tips. We enrolled our boys at 4 months old into the Boot camp and when they came home they were amazing! Not only does she train the dogs but she trains the humans. Our boys are so well behaved and, our family and friends are always amazed at their good behavior. The boys are now 1 year old and thriving, they still see Terry periodically for board & train and they get so excited when we turn onto her street! What a good feeling for me! I just want to thank Terry for all that she does and for allowing us to enjoy our boys to the fullest

Vensee Lamison-Reid

Great Program, Great Teaching

We took our lab Jasper to Terry about a month ago. He is 6 years old and has an abundance of energy which we love. The problem was that he also had some bad habits we didn’t love. He barked incessantly when friends came over, begged at the table, nipped at ankles for attention, scratched at the front door to get in even though he had a dog door and was overall very demanding and needy. When we started following Terry’s instructions he resisted a lot at first, taking nearly 30 minutes sometimes to follow commands. But we persisted and over the next few weeks he became a new dog. He still loves to play but now it is when we choose to play. When people come over he sits quietly waiting to be petted or sleeps on the floor at our feet. At dinner time he waits for his dinner without barking and if he does start begging he stops as soon as we correct him the first time. We love being around him even more now! What a great program and great teaching from Terry. We would recommend this for any dog!

Molly Cage

Another Satisfied Customer

We contacted Jemi Hodge for help dealing with our 1 yr old boxer mix, Penny Belle. Penny has separation anxiety and was destroying our house. We had taken her to basic training classes, but knew we needed someone who had more skills and expertise other than basic commands. Enter Jemi Hodge!! We were assigned Terry Chalkley as our trainer and the following week she came to our home to observe Penny and to teach us the techniques Jemi has taught her. It was ALOT of information in the hour she was with us, but it was VERY informative!!! We immediately put her training to work and good golly, Penny Belle started to change!!! It was great!! She has gotten so much better with her manners, she says “please” and she is getting better with her separation anxiety too!!! We purchased a nylon leash and a gentle leader (which is optional) and the gentle leader is MAGIC!! It works so well at keeping Penny calm and when she has it on, she is so much better!!! We took her to PetSmart with it and she was so much better!!! So if you are hesitant, don’ t be!! Jemi Hodge and her trainers really know what they are doing!! And, the fact that we were able to contact Terry, after our session with questions was so great!!!! We are VERY satisfied! Thanks, Terry!!!!!!!!!

The Westman Family

Terry’s the best!

I loved working with Terry. She did a great job training my high strung terrier. I thought it was hopeless but Terry was patient with my dog. I highly recommend Terry and her methods,


Jemi and cats rock!

This testimonial is about cats.

Jemi worked with my neighbor and her two dogs on their behavior. The changes we observed were immediate, and amazing. We were very impressed to say the least.

So, when Jemi told me that cats could be trained, I was hopeful for the first time that my cat, who is a beautiful, very sociable 7 year old orange tabby, could be trained to use only his litter box.

Rhett, an indoor only cat, had been spraying in the house and we had tried EVERYTHING. We had put down aluminum foil, and tried all of the tricks we had ever read or heard about. Nothing worked for very long. We would get our hopes up, only to be discouraged and disappointed.

We didn’t know if we could continue to give this sweet cat a home. His personality was so dear, but we were finding it difficult to love him. And having my house become a litter box was an unacceptable way to live.

Jemi came to the house and talked with my husband and me for an hour and equipped us with knowledge and action.

It was difficult to change our behavior as adults, but the cat responded and does not mark in the house anymore! He ONLY uses the litter box.

So, now we have a beautiful and beautifully behaved cat. I call Jemi whenever I have a question or concern. She has become a member of our family, and we are forever in her debt for her help, concern,sense of humor, and 24 hour hotline. 🙂
Thank you to Jemi and all the staff at K9. You totally rock.

Robin Rooks

My Strongest Recommendation

I contacted K9 consulting at the suggestion of my vet. My dog Boo, a rescue whose backstory remains a mystery to me, was exhibiting some aggressive tendencies and was extremely nervous. I was told she was “timid” when I took her home from the shelter, but there was certainly more to it than that. Although we had bonded, Boo wouldn’t let another person or dog near her. She also was struggling with severe separation anxiety (i.e. I couldn’t pick up my car keys without her crying — something that my upstairs neighbors said would continue for hours until I came home). She was also tearing up anything I left her with. Basically, Boo and I were having a really rough time until we met with Terry.

During our consulting session, Terry was extremely patient, helping a novice dog owner like myself see how I could help my dog. In many ways the session was as much about me learning how my actions were impacting the behaviors of my dog, for better or worse, as it was about Boo. That said, by the end of our session, I could already see results. Boo let Terry pet her, and Boo even approached a dog outside without jumping on it. I was amazed and left the session hopeful that things would continue to improve. And it did! Boo gets excited when she sees me grab the gentle leader, and she even tries to help me put it on her! Following the session, I felt like I had concrete strategies for managing situations as they arose. That said, Terry was great about troubleshooting and answering questions that we hadn’t necessarily anticipated during the consulting session, which I really appreciated. Having the support of an experienced trainer was so helpful.

To continue our progress, Terry suggested Boo and I attend the Aggressive Dog class. It was the perfect complement to the earlier work done with Terry! While certainly Boo’s issues haven’t disappeared, I feel like the class really helped her with the socialization work we began. Boo is more certainly more confident, and I’m starting to see a little dog who really wants to play and make new friends, even if she hasn’t quite mastered how to do that just yet. It’s so great to see! There are certainly a lot of things we need to work on still, but the progress is considerable. My neighbors with dogs have even commented on Boo’s progress, so I’m not just being partial because Boo is my dog (and she’s really cute!)! Everyone leading the Aggressive Dog class (Beth, Julie, Terry, and Valerie) was great! Thank you!!

I’ve already recommended K9 consulting to my neighbors with dogs; I’ll continue to do so!


Potty-Time Success!

At the beginning of the summer we adopted two adorable little toy peekapoo puppies. Not having had puppies before, let alone two puppies, we were clueless about potty training and we were all going downhill fast in regards to family unity! Our vet and neighbor suggested K9 Consultants and it was the best decision we’ve made!

At our consultation, Terry trained our family on how to teach our expectations to Pixie and Piper and now they are such better members of our family! You can just see that Pixie and Piper are happier and eager to please. We truly recommend Puppy Boot Camps. We went on vacation for a week and Pixie and Piper went to “school.” We had peace of mind knowing they were being taken care of by such a huge animal lover. Now we don’t have to worry about them running into the street because they don’t listen to us and they are much calmer regarding noise and normal family chaos. Potty time is not stressful at all now. What a difference Terry made!

Lori Ann McMichael


The trainers at K9 Consultants are THE BEST. They were recommended by my vet for a new rescue dog that I recently adopted. My new dog was having separation anxiety issues and I had an in home consultation with Terry. It was such a great experience that we immediately signed up for the Good Manners dog class to refine some of the things we worked on during our in home session. My dog has made so much progress in a fairly short amount of time – what a relief! It is so nice to take her for a walk now where she doesn’t pull on the leash and go crazy when she sees other people, bikes, joggers or dogs…It is such a big difference than when I first got her.

Their training is not based on a food reward which is really important to me. My prior dog took a few training classes where food was the reward. The only problem was that if we were in a situation where I gave her a command w/out food as a reward she stopped listening. I don’t have that problem after my training with K9 Consultants – praise and affection is the reward for following commands.

We are still working on a few things, but I know we will continue to improve and some things just take a little more time. One of our big accomplishments is that my dog doesn’t run out the door anymore. Prior to K9 Consultants there were a few incidents where my dog ran out the door when I was trying to leave the house – not good when you live close to a busy road.

I am so thankful to all of the trainers at K9 Consultants for all of their awesome work. They promote a positive training experience with your dog and they are absolutely the best! I’m so happy with the services they provided – both an in home session and a class – and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with their pet.


Thanks, Jemi!

For six years, I have allowed my dog Reilly to control the house, me, and my other dog, Ellie. But recently, Reilly’s bullying had taken on a more aggressive turn and I knew I needed help. My vet recommended k9consultants and in walks Terry Chalkley. Within the hour, I knew I had made the right move. With some simple instructions and commands, both dogs were attentive and responsive and I could see that Reilly was not going to be a lost cause. Terry provided me clear and simple instructions on how to turn the situation around and also gave me the confidence that once I had established myself in the leadership role, my dogs would be happier and would still love me. My work is cut out for me, but the basic tools are there along with Terry’s support. Who knew that a simple Leave It command could be so effective. Thanks.

Beth Mills

Boot Camp Success

Many thanks to Terri for her great work with Kerouac earlier this summer. Kerouac is a 3 year old rescue who apparently lived outdoors in a farm situation with what we suspect was not much human contact. He came to us afraid of everything, pulling on his leash, ran away (and we got him back) within the first week with us, but very loving. He is a very large dog, and we knew he had to be under control. We heard about K-9 Consultants from friends whose lab completed boot camp and is so well behaved. Kerouac spent a week with Terri who worked with him on his anxiety and on manners. Terri noted that Kerouac really didn’t have any bad habits but that his anxiety would lessen as he came to rely more and more on humans to assure him that he could trust us and that “we’ve got it” in situations that caused him anxiety (and might make him try to run away). Kerouac finished up boot camp a changed man – looking to us for reassurance and showing really good manners on command. If he could talk I think he would say something like “thanks for helping me feel and be safe.” Kerouac seems to get more and more calm and confident with each passing day, no doubt because we are practicing with him what he learned with Terri. He seems so connected with us in a way we’ve never seen with our previous dogs, which I think is largely due to his (and our) training by Terri. Many thanks to Terri and to K-9 Consultants for helping Kerouac and us settle in together.

Jane Dowrick

Jemi – the Problem Solver

Our vet reccomended K9 Consultants and they completely solved our problems!! We had recently adopted a two year old Havanese. She was very calm the first few days but then the problems started. She barked endlessly at the door, at any male visitor, growled at our two year old, barked constantly in the crate and would not walk on the leash for anyone but me. I knew she had a calm nature, but something was changing by the day. Terry completely solved the problems and brought back the dog we had know and fallen in love with those first few days. By teaching her who was in charge she calmed down, stopped after first bark when people came in to the house, will walk around on a leash for my children and will go right to her crate when told and stay there quietly. In the two hours Terry was here I saw these changes starting. After only a couple days the bad habits were gone. Not kidding!! Bea is now a calm dog who trusts I’m going to take care of things.

Meg Morrison


Jemi is a wonderful trainer who helped us with our wire haired dachshund, Lola. She taught us how to handle Lola’s barking and chasing our cats. Lola is a better behaved dog and we are better providers because of Jemi. We don’t know what we would do without Jemi Hodges!

Wendi Schwartz

Brilliant Dog Trainer

I am writing this letter as a dear friend and confidant of Jemi Hodge who’ve I come to know as a brilliant dog trainer.

We met while I worked as a reporter at WWBT NBC12 in Richmond. Hodge became my go-to person for story ideas as well as interviews regarding various topics involving dogs whether it be training, discipline, or defusing aggressive behavior.

She even helped out on special longer-form stories to show off her training techniques.

Hodge is known to stand up and be the voice for man’s best friend in court where she is able to tell a judge she’s been able to rehabilitate a dangerous dog. I would recommend Hodge to anyone seeking advice about in-depth pet training.

Tara Morgan, Reporter

Thank You!

Adopting a 5 month old puppy can be a bit trying for the person who has always started a life with a 8 week old pup. By the 5th month they are like teenagers running wild with ZERO discipline. The first time I spoke with Jemi I realized my pup and I would have a forever bond with this amazing woman. I had adopted a Plott Hound a breed I knew nothing about but looking into his beautiful brown eyes I knew we would figure this all out. I also realized I needed some assistance with this unusual, strong, determined breed. As I started my research I knew I was in for a challenge. Both Smart and head strong with beautiful markings and loving eyes. He looked at me and I knew what he was thinking.. I got you right where I want you.. Well I guess he did have my heart and he knew it. We needed to learn how to communicate and work together. I needed just as much training as he did, Jemi taught me how I needed to keep his attention when training. See, i have to be just as disciplined as Willie. It gets better every day with practice. And its simple , its fun , its a process that you both will enjoy ! So I thank you Jemi, Country, Staff, for all the time , effort and energy you have shared with Willie and I. We know we will see you again soon.

Liz Luczak

I don’t know how to thank you enough

Dear jemi,
I cannot believe how supportive, how professional, and how knowledgeable you are. This was a difficult time and we were somewhat skeptical after being misled and mistaught by well-meaning people who called themselves “dog behavior experts.” They have a basic knowledge of dogs, but your knowledge and understanding extends far beyond theirs. You are able to diagnose and treat most difficult dogs including aggressive biters like ours .. You are a TRUE expert. You see things no one else sees and recognize exactly what the individual dog needs. You are thus able to customize a behavioral program to meet those specific needs, then teach the family members exactly, step-by-step how to carry out the program. The role-play exercises and your careful explanations of why we should change certain, specific things we had not seen as problems helped get the whole family behind this effort. Not only were we amazed to see the difference in this big, pushy, hard-headed, too-smart-for-his-own-good dog, but my neighbor across the street noticed the difference when we took him for a walk during your first visit! You turned him around in the first five minutes–then taught us how to continue the reprogramming process. Your constant support, phone calls, shared printed information, and follow-up visits helped us stay motivated and not give up or slack up and let him take control from us again. The “grounding” period would have been tough to stick to, had it not been for your continued support and patience in answering all of our questions.

Our entire family owes you an eternal debt of gratitude. We were in an awful predicament not able to continue to keep our 6 yr old standard poodle, Rex–yet unable to bear the thought of giving him up or constant crating, tranquilizers–or we might have fallen under the influence of an advocate of cruel, spiritbreaking “training”. We thought we had exhausted all of our behavior-modification-style training options. As a young pup, Rex graduated at the top of his obedience classes in two sessions at one highly recommended school. After the first serious biting incident, from which my now 20-year-old son still has a scar on his hand, we attended another full session of training from a school which had a tougher approach than the first. I read seven different books (everything BUT Good Oumers, Great Dogs) without finding help. We even paid a small fortune for a dog-behaviorist (who seemed terrified of Rexl) to analyze his problems, order numerous medical tests (which revealed nothing) and, in the end, gave us a bell to right that was supposed to cause him to obey our commands. Needless to say, the resulting change from her expensive advice was nil.

Now, thanks to you Jemi, we know that we were continually, repeatedly, reinforcing and even rewarding his aggression. We did not know how to identify the subtle aggressive behaviors-we never saw aggression until he was displaying bared teeth and snapping jaws. You educated us to recognize the seemingly innocent behaviors that indicated aggression and domination. You taught us–in no uncertain terms–to not allow him to push us around–demanding treats of play (by barking,pawing and nuzzling) or even allowing him to eat whenever he please. You taught us techniques and approaches that we would never have thought of to take control and put him in his proper place–a part of the family not supreme ruler.

I don’t know how to thank you enough. I feel at ease with my dog, I don’t fear him, he listens to me in almost every instance, my family knows what to do to keep him in his place, and we never consider anymore getting rid of our beloved pet.

Thanks forever!
Gloria Thomas

Gloria Thomas

I recommend her highly!

Dear Colleagues,
I have been referring my clients to Jemi Walker for years. She has
helped to solve problems such as fear, aggression, phobias and separation
anxiety. She also deals with feline and canine behavior modification. Her
problem solving methods get immediate results in most cases. Her
experience ranges from the normal puppy problems to health related
problems. This also includes the most unusual pet related issues. I
recommend her highly!

She offers training seminars for your practice and clients in your
office, as well as, individual training in client’s homes.
Feel free to call with any questions.

Kathryn Hurley, DVM

Kathryn Hurley, DVM